Growing the Team, Keeping the Culture

Growing means adding more people to the team, and with new faces come a variety of personalities and different expectations – making maintaining and adapting the culture one of the hardest parts of scaling up.

As our team doubled in size within a very short period, we understood the importance of evolving our culture, guidelines, and values while remaining true to our core principles to ensure lasting success.

In this blog, we'll share how we uphold our team culture, keeping us united, driven, and aligned with core values as we continue to expand.

How We Maintain Team Culture?

What is Calda's work culture like? To answer this question, we turned to our team. Here’s what they had to say:

→ Collaborative, supportive, innovative, transparent, inclusive, focused on learning, professional, fun, etc.

These responses show how our core values, put into daily practice, positively impact our team.

However, culture in the workplace is a non-linear system; therefore, we adapt our practices from hiring and onboarding to daily work routines and team-building activities to ensure our culture remains strong.

1. Communicating Our Values to Achieve Goals

Values aren’t just words – they should be evident in the daily actions, decisions, and interactions of every team member. From the first interview to the last day of work, employees are constantly reminded that our core values guide every decision we make.

Integrity and Transparency

Clear and honest communication, with free sharing of information, decisions, and feedback, builds trust and genuine relationships in our workspace.


Building a team-oriented environment with collaborative projects, cross-departmental meetings, and team-building activities leads to faster problem-solving and successful app delivery.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

We strive for excellence in every project. This dedication shows our professionalism and ensures we meet our customers' expectations, ensuring their apps succeed.

Professional and Personal Growth

We encourage learning through certifications, licenses, conference attendance, and reward systems. We see this as an investment in our long-term collective success.


Owning our responsibilities and fulfilling commitments creates clarity, enhances engagement, and strengthens our team's trust. It is about working efficiently and productively, not assigning blame.


Seeking passion at all levels creates an energetic workplace with more motivation and engagement. When employees enjoy their work, it inspires the whole team and makes the work environment positive.

Our goals define where we want to go, while our values outline the behaviors that get us there. By aligning goals and values, employees understand exactly what is expected of them and why it matters. This approach provides our team with direction and purpose.

And when everyone is aligned, they are more engaged, motivated, and productive.

2. Collaboration for High-Quality App Development

App development has never been easy, and the success of all our projects delivered in shorter time frames reflects our effective and cohesive team collaboration guided by well-structured project management.

How Effective Project Management Speeds Up Our App Development? 

By bringing together diverse teams of developers and designers and encouraging the exchange of skills, mentorship, and guidance between junior and senior members, we improve problem-solving and decision-making. This results in high-performing, visually appealing apps that meet both business needs and user expectations.

3. Making Culture Visible Beyond Office Walls

Did you know the average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime? And, we’re dedicated to making those hours meaningful, both in the office and beyond. 

"Let me know if you need anything" isn’t just a phrase, it reflects our value of building genuine connections. We want to know each other, not just as coworkers. While sharing coffee in the morning is nice, it's the out-of-office activities where we truly bond, especially now with new members.

Shared daily lunches, team-building events, Kuča časti parties, and birthday lunches are all part of our culture, ensuring everyone feels part of the team, and boosting productivity and morale, which is key to our sustained success and growth.

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4. Hiring Not Only For Culture Fit, But Culture Add

We have a well-defined recruitment approach that prioritizes diversity, ensuring that we don't hire the same "type" of person repeatedly. We seek individuals who not only fit well with our company values and culture but also add to our culture with new ideas, skills, and perspectives.

Our recruitment strategy is all about the long term. We seek individuals who not only excel in their roles but are also committed to growing with us.

As a team of young professionals, we see potential in everyone who is passionate and hard-working. This is why we also hire individuals with less experience—just as we were once given a chance to prove ourselves.

By focusing on potential and commitment, we build a team that stays with us, grows with us, and contributes to our ongoing success.

5. Appreciating Each Team Member

At Calda we understand the powerful link between performance and well-being. After all, everyone wants to know that their work is meaningful and appreciated. That's why we recognize and celebrate the efforts of every team member.

By providing regular feedback, listening, having frequent check-ins, offering growth opportunities, celebrating successes together, and rewarding performance, we ensure our team members feel valued and acknowledged for their contributions – making them more engaged, driven, productive, and satisfied.

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Finding Culture In the Everyday

As we continue to grow, it’s all about staying true to our core values of integrity, teamwork, excellence, growth, accountability, and passion, while welcoming new ideas and faces.

And by putting culture and values into everyday actions, acknowledging individual contributions, and making sure the fun extends beyond the office walls we make sure that our workspace is dynamic, inclusive, and engaging for everyone.