Proof Of How Good In-House Work Atmosphere Lead To Our Success

There is no doubt: that satisfied employees are productive employees.

Here at Calda, we understand that a positive work atmosphere benefits everyone within the company and leads to long-term success.

From the beginning, teamwork, integrity, and acknowledgment have been key values for us. We've shaped a workspace where every team member is heard and valued. This commitment has not only boosted our productivity but also enhanced the quality and speed of our app development process.

Why Do We Prefer In-House Over Remote Work?

In an era where remote work has become the norm for tech companies worldwide, we've taken a different approach: In-house.

We believe that all our team members should share the same workspace so we can collaborate and communicate more easily, and that is why we focus on these in-house activities:

App development process

While app development might seem daunting due to its complexity, our in-house approach allows us to oversee every phase, and ensure open communication of insights and problem-solving among all our team members.

Weekly meetings

Our face-to-face meetings are crucial for maintaining quality and clarity over projects, tasks, results, and finances. This direct communication minimizes misunderstandings and helps tackle challenges quickly.

Cultivating workspace

Nearly half of workers (47%) prioritize a sense of community in their workplace. 

How Workspaces Are Changing to Meet Worker Needs.

Through daily shared lunches and an open office design, we foster a culture of open communication, teamwork, and a strong sense of belonging among our team members. Our "Kuča Časti" tradition adds to this, providing a monthly chance to relax and connect over great food, strengthening our team's connection even more.

We also prioritize our team's flexibility, offering hybrid work options to maintain the best of both worlds.

However, with immediate problem-solving, straightforward communication, and staying in sync with everything, in-house work has significantly boosted the team's efficiency and productivity. The outcome? High-quality apps delivered to the market in short timeframes.

3 Ways We Prioritize Employee Skill Development

Did you know that  42% of employees rank learning and development opportunities as their most valued employment benefit?

Why Learning And Development Is Now A Competitive Differentiator.

And right this we as a company offer – prioritizing the development of our team members' skills, making sure that every individual has the opportunity to grow professionally. Viewing this dedication as a crucial investment for our collective success in the long run. Here's how we do it: 

Opportunities for licensing and certification

By providing the chance to obtain licenses, particularly those like Stripe or Glide that are most beneficial for our projects, we directly boost our team's expertise, ensuring our team remains updated with the most relevant skills and methods in the app development sector, leading to an overall improvement in workforce quality.

Not only are these skills essential for our project's success, but they also equip each individual with expertise beneficial for future work in app development.

Mentorship guidance

They bridge the gap between our most experienced senior professionals, who have rich experiences and a successful project record in app development, and those newer to the field.

This not only boosts skill levels across the team but also creates a supportive, collaborative culture.


We actively encourage our team to attend numerous high-quality conferences where they can learn about the latest trends, advancements, and best practices in the app development industry.

This knowledge can be applied directly to our own workplace. These events also provide excellent networking opportunities, allowing our team to connect with potential partners.

Rewards system

Every team member receives a percentage of their salary as a bonus, ensuring fairness and recognition for their hard work and input they contributed to the projects.

Our investment in employee development isn't just about improving individual skill sets; it's about expanding what we're capable of delivering as a team and as a company. 

Leading a High-Performing Team With Supportive Leadership

Our team is working on a lot of projects at a fast pace, therefore it's essential for every member to receive consistent guidance, feedback, and support, addressing both work-related and personal needs.

But it isn't just to manage our team but also to create more leaders within our team that are confident and feel valued. 

We believe in supportive leadership, where we communicate openly and engage with each team member, recognizing them as both an individual and a vital part of our collective success which results in better productivity and efficiency of our daily workflow. 

Team Buildings That Bring Our Team Together

At Calda, team-building isn't just a passing trend – it's an investment and part of our guiding approach for achieving team success.

From exploring European cities, and nature retreats to adrenaline adventures, our past team-building experiences have been filled with fun and motivational activities that enhanced team collaboration, communication, planning, and problem-solving. 

"I had a blast during our team-building in Budapest! The activities were well-organized and getting to know each other outside of work really brought our team together." — Tim

Workspace is more than just completing tasks!

We are committed to ensure that Calda provides a space where everyone can reach their full potential while feeling a strong sense of belonging. And when we treat each other well and support one another, we set ourselves up for better results and success in the long run.