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Project timeline

6 Weeks
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Project details

Moving to online

The company that is responsible for the development of the Subway brand within the CEE region understood that they had to allow their customers a seamless online ordering process. With the rise of the food ordering apps, the leadership wanted to develop an app that would offer the most loyal Subway fans the same experience of building their favourite subs as in the restaurant.

Boosting customer loyalty

The leadership wanted to bet on their most loyal customers by rewarding them for their ongoing loyalty to the brand. They knew that if they offered a simple system the customers could easily follow, this would result in more visits and a higher average order.

App built for the most loyal Subway fans.

The app had to be built so that the biggest Subway fans could identify with it. The key factor when we built the app was a deep understanding of Subway’s customers - how they think and behave, what they like, and how they resonate with the brand. A playful but straightforward user experience was a must. The app was built to bring your favourite subs anywhere and anytime.

Online ordering process

Creating your Subway sandwich is a fun experience, which makes Subway different from other competitors. A wide selection of different ingredients, with an unlimited sandwich imagination, makes Subway what it truly is. We had to replicate the user experience from the restaurant to the app.

Tailored loyalty system

A simple-to-follow loyalty system was an integral part of the solution that the Development agency was looking for. Customers would scan their unique QR code every time they visited one of the Subway restaurants and immediately receive their cookie points to their account. Every 5th cookie meant a new reward that they could claim.

Easy to redeem rewards

For every five cookie points, the users would get new rewards - from free footlong subs to heavy discounts and free meal deal items - what every true Subway fan dreams of. Each coupon has a unique QR code scanned when a customer wants to redeem the reward for a secure and fast validity check.

Business app to simplify the preparation of theto-go orders.

On one hand, the challenge was to build an app that would make the life of a true Subway fan better and easier. On the other hand, we had to integrate a business app that would allow Subway employees a better and more efficient way to prepare the to-go orders while ensuring a simple and fast validation process for the newly integrated loyalty system. On top of that, the business had to be supported with data that could be used for important business decisions.

Easy to view and follow through for to-go orders.
Quick and efficient QR scanning process.
Fast and secure system to verify the coupons.
Business analytics to understand user loyalty.

Changing the way people order their #subs.

Average order value
+ 21%
Best food apps App Store
Recurring orders per customer
+ 1.4x
Faster ordering process
Regulars using the app

“We loved working with Calda because of their professional approach and high level of expertise. They made sure that the development process was quick and efficient, which was of utmost importance to us. Overall the app reached our expectations in reaching business performance goals and supported the franchisees.”



An app to support the needs of the customers

Now, more than ever, companies have to offer a high-level user experience, extending the brand presence to the palms of their customers. With a mobile app and a supporting business application, Subway in a CEE region could bet on their customers' loyalty by replicating the user experience from the restaurant to the screens.

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