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12 Weeks
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Project details

A hardware innovation deserves a great complimentary software.

Dutch-based hardware group disrupted the market of GPS tracking with an innovative GPS tracker that they make in-house. Five years of battery life, 100% waterproof tracker, coverage across all Europe, easy and quick assembly, slick design and hard to detect device that allows users to recover stolen possessions quickly and easily. But now, they need an application for their customers that will make their industry-leading product come to life.

Different users, different needs.

Two types of users that use their GPS trackers with completely different use cases. On one hand there are individuals using the trackers to protect their personal possessions like cars, and on the other hand the company helps businesses like food-delivering companies protect their company vehicles. We had to come up with a solution that would satisfy the needs of both.

Custom Google Maps integration

Our custom Flutter Google Maps integration enables users to see their priced possession on a custom Map view. With custom Map markers users can easily distinguish between different types of vehicles, while being one simple click away from seeing satellite map view for easier understanding of exact location of the tracker.

Get alerts for important events

An integrated smart movement detection recognises important events based on tracker movement pattern. This is how we can notify the user about potential theft of other suspicious movements.

See Tracker history

With the mobile app users can now see full history of their tracker’s movement, filter through it based on date input and can better understand exactly how the tracker has moved during a certain time period. Each movement that triggered the tracker is clickable and offers more detail about the event.

Recover stolen possession

Smart algorithm integrated in the tracker sends only important movement events to the app, which allows users to control their priced vehicles remotely. If there is suspicion for theft, users can start recovery process by triggering a panic mode alert.

Live View

At any time users are able to view live location of their vehicles, so that they can control the safety of their vehicles at any time.

Easy device management

With the mobile app users can now easily manage and secure their valuable vehicles and start recovery process if the possession is ever stolen.

Companies can now protect their moving assets.

Geofence-limited device movement

Company admins can create custom-sized geofence areas within which devices can move. As soon as one of the devices leaves the area, the company staff is notified. This can apply to delivering companies, construction machinery rental or car rental companies.

Panic mode for quicker recovery

Admins can enable Panic mode which triggers the tracker to send the location more frequently and allows the notified authorities to recollect stolen company possession even quicker and more easily.

“Calda's development speed and knowledge made them the perfect partner for us. Their expertise and dedication exceeded our expectations, playing a vital role in bringing our ambitious project to a further stage.”



App to support scaling the business

The company already had a great hardware innovation backed by a business model that can be scaled by millions that is run by a successful Dutch-based hardware group. Now, with the mobile app and a B2B Portal, they can scale their solution to millions.

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