Investing in Growth

At Calda, we believe that the success of our organization is inseparable from the growth and development of our team members. That's why we're excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that embodies our commitment to our teams’ holistic growth - a dedicated monthly budget for personal and professional development.

We understand that the aspirations of our team members extend beyond the confines of the workplace, and we're here to empower them in their quest for excellence, both personally and professionally. This initiative is set to revolutionize the way our team members nurture their skills, passions, and ambitions.

This initiative offers a large amount of opportunities and creates inspiring stories of growth and transformation from within our own ranks. This monthly budget isn't just an investment in the future of our team members, but a testament to our belief in their potential. It's about unlocking our team members’ full potential - both inside and outside the workplace.

The view on entrepreneurship that Anže and Nikola as the founders have is such that their purpose as entrepreneurs is to create a better tomorrow - for Calda’s customers as well as for the team members. “We didn't set up Calda to fill our pockets, because that's not what drives you in the hardest times. We created it to help the people of Calda grow.” says the CEO Anže. 

One of the basic guidelines of the company is that we want every team member who walks through Calda's door to be not only a better professional but also a person. We want everyone to grow together. That is why there is a monthly budget, because we want people to be able to choose how they will grow, and in which segments of their lives they want to become better.

Every month the same fixed budget is given to each team member which they can spend in many different ways just that it contributes to their personal or professional development. That includes fitness membership, business courses, business trips abroad, books, psychotherapy sessions… anything that helps our people grow.

Miha, developer

“Having a monthly budget each month for personal development is cool to me as it allows me to continuously expand my skillset and knowledge base. Whether it's engaging in sports to enhance my physical well-being, reading books to broaden my horizons, or enrolling in courses to acquire new expertise, this empowers me to grow both personally and professionally. By prioritizing personal development, I'm not only enhancing my own abilities but also contributing to the company's long-term success.”

Personal and professional development can be powerful motivators in the workplace. When team members are encouraged and supported in their growth, it can lead to increased job satisfaction, higher levels of engagement, and improved overall performance.

The well-being and constant development of our team members are of extreme value to us. If every individual grows in their own way, that boosts the growth of the company as well. And because entrepreneurship is about the people, we want to help our people grow as this is also one of our core values – making the dreams of our clients AND our team members come true!