Find Out 3 Positive Outcomes of Our Team Building Experience

As a team, we spend roughly ⅓ of our entire day, 5 days a week, together. While you can certainly learn a lot about a person from sitting next to them at work, you truly get to know them on a whole other level outside of the workplace.

At Calda, we view team building not just as a corporate trend, but as an essential investment in team growth that has lasting effects on creating a positive and productive work environment.

So, we took a short weekend getaway to strengthen our team bonds in the beautiful Goriška Brda. This was our way of pressing the reset button, allowing us to return to the office not just more productive, but also more unified than ever.

Getting the Most out of Team Building

While the activities we engaged in might seem simple at first glance, each was carefully selected to enhance both our teamwork and personal development. These included improving our brainstorming techniques and making our decision-making skills even more collaborative — both essential for our success in app development projects.

"Choosing the right activities is crucial; you want to invest in ones that your team won't see as a burden, as that's the last thing you want." - Katja, Office Manager

Here’s a breakdown how each activity contributed to our team’s growth:

1 Boosted Productivity

To get things done in dynamic app development, you need a team that can talk things out, work well together, and come up with clever solutions.

Our trip to Goriška Brda improved all of the above and was more than just a break from the office. While we relaxed for two nights in a cosy apartment in the beautiful and charming small village of Vipolže, we also took part in a variety of interactive activities, from sports to more relaxed ones – leaving us feeling recharged and full of new energy, which led to increased productivity when we returned to the office.

2 Enhanced Communication and Problem-Solving

A study discovered socializing between team members improves communication by more than 50%.

The New Science of Building Great Teams

→ Cycling in Goriška Brda

Armed with a map, GPS, and plenty of confidence, we still managed to get lost while cycling through the beautiful landscapes of Goriška Brda. Turns out, a little adventure was just what we needed!

With a dinner reservation waiting, this adventure quickly became a teamwork lesson where we had to communicate clearly and make quick decisions to find our way back in time – a perfect mirror of app development workplace communication under pressure, where effective solution-providing communication, active listening, and feedback are crucial.

3 Stronger Team Spirit

→ Wine Tasting and Dining

Our team has expanded in the last few months with several new members and while we already had a strong team spirit, we recognized the importance of including our new members and getting to know them even more.

So, as we enjoyed fine wines and delicious meals together, our conversations transitioned from personal wine preferences to debates about the best app development platforms. These discussions provided insight into each other's viewpoints and expertise in a relaxed environment, helping break down formal barriers and allowing us to connect on a more personal level.

By getting to know each other outside of office walls we noticed a much stronger sense of understanding and team spirit. We evaluated the effectiveness and confirmed this positive shift through a survey our team members completed, which highlighted a shared sense of appreciation and satisfaction with the entire team-building experience.

The Importance of Getting to Know Your Team Outside the Office

With successfully planned team building, you'll notice a boost in employee satisfaction, reduced turnover rates, and an overall improvement in company performance.

By investing in these experiences, we were able to create a sense of belonging and unity among all our team members, leading to increased trust, communication and productivity.

So, whether it's a weekend getaway or a simple team lunch, prioritizing opportunities for our team to connect beyond work tasks is key for sustained success and growth.